When our chefs Jean Luc Boulay and Arnaud Marchand joined together to open Chez Boulay – Bistro Boreal, their goal was to highlight the richness of Quebec’s local products. Nordic cuisine invites discovery of unique regional products through the rhythm of the seasons. Elk, trout, elderberry flower and Labrador tea are featured on our menu in creative ways. It is a surprising blend of Quebec culinary traditions and international influences.

While exploring Nordic cuisine, one discovers unique products. Cranberry seed oil, hemp oil and apple cider vinegar proudly occupy a place in our menu and replace staples from the South like olive oil and citrus. Since the opening of the Bistro, our chefs and cooks have made amazing discoveries, which have been integrated into the gourmet bistro menu and this proudly underscores the richness of our boreal region.



Five years after the opening of Chez Boulay – Bistro Boreal, Arnaud Marchand and his team innovate and export their culinary talent into this new gastronomic adventure: the Comptoir boreal. The Comptoir boreal of Old Quebec opened its doors in 2017 and offer since then, the culinary experience featuring local cuisine, known at Chez Boulay.

Charming and warm place, the Comptoir boreal has gained a great popularity with our pastries, sandwiches, ready-made meals and our little shop which highlights local Quebec products. A second counter in Ste-Foy followed in May 2018 and offer to customers the same friendly atmosphere and accents of Nordic cuisine.

But don’t come looking for chocolate éclairs and vanilla puff pastries! Here we use sea buckthorn, blue honeysuckle, a small berry the colour of a blueberry, peppery green alder, pine forest spikenard, and sweet clover which we use to replace vanilla.

Mushroom quiche with roasted mushrooms, mushroom pesto with sweetgale seeds and shallots, potato salad with boar bacon smoked and boreal sandwich are featured on the menu. The ready-made meals in sous vide are perfect to savor the talent of Chez Boulay in the comfort of your home.

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Chefs Jean-Luc Boulay and Arnaud Marchand are passionate about food but also the province of Quebec, their new homes. Chez Boulay, is the story of their meeting on the set of the TV show Les Chefs! in 2010. It is also the story of how their shared passion is expressed through their cuisine, inspired by all things boreal.


Arnaud is a passionate young chef and determined entrepreneur. In 2010, he was a finalist on the TV show Les Chefs!, a fierce competition where personal achievement and culinary talent are measured. In 2015, he launched his culinary creations under the name MQparAM, produced by Morille Québec and developed by Arnaud himself. He regularly shares his knowledge and talents on TV shows and he remains in constant search of innovations for his culinary passion. Arnaud Marchand is very much involved in social movements and brings his support to many causes such as Autisme Québec and Opération Enfant Soleil.


For more than 35 years, Jean-Luc Boulay has been the chef and owner of the restaurant Saint-Amour, one of the most highly rated restaurants in the province. His carrier has been filled with many awards. Chef Boulay adheres to a philosophy that centers on responsible cooking and believes that our region and its produce demand respect. Training and sharing his knowledge with the coming culinary elite is very important to him. He participates in seminars, many about sous-vide cooking. He also supervises the training for young chefs and professionals hoping to participate in culinary competitions. He contributed his knowledge and experience for many years as a judge on the TV show Les Chefs! broadcast on Radio-Canada.


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