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Where northern territory and French know-how meet at a crossroads.

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Northern cuisine

With their rigorous climate marked by a distinct seasonal cycle, northern territories are gifted with unique fauna and flora adapted to their extreme reality: game, fresh water fish, wild fruit, forest mushrooms, lichen… Inspired by these unique elements, a rising number of chefs are exploring this once neglected exceptional culinary legacy.

In Quebec, Jean-Luc Boulay and Arnaud Marchand, supported by a passionate team, have been standing up to the challenge of inventing Quebec inspired northern cuisine since 2012. Connecting the abundant proximity of boreal forests and the exceptional quality of local products, they salvage amidst French techniques to favour a true encounter of flavours. Local, healthy and inventive, the northern cuisine from Quebec expresses within each bite the very best of our emerging culinary tradition.

Arnaud Marchand

Jean-Luc Boulay

Discovering Quebec’s treasures

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