Nordic cuisine

Rich in essential nutrients, like monoinsaturated oils with a high content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Fish has an important place in nordic cuisine which uses either lean fish that are rich in proteins such as cod, or with a high content of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, trout or mackerel. Game meat is very rich in high quality proteins and has almost no saturated fats. Nordic cuisine makes use of vegetables and berries rich in vitamins B and C and in antioxydants. Nordic cuisine is based upon responsible cultivation, harvesting and consumption. Its a good way to get closer to our roots by reapproprieting products that are unique to our nordic climate.

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The chefs

Chez Boulay, is the story of their meeting on the set of the TV show Les Chefs! in 2010. It is also the story of how their shared passion is expressed through their cuisine, inspired by all things boreal. Nordic cuisine invites discovery of unique regional products through the rhythm of the seasons. Elk, trout, elderberry flower and Labrador tea are featured on our menu in creative ways. It is a surprising blend of Quebec culinary traditions and international influences. Bistro atmosphere and boreal inspiration combine for gastronomic delights.

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