If you are willing to put aside your habits the time to enjoy a gourmet break, you will discover new flavours…



Signature meat platter : savoury choux pastry with bacon and Migneron cheese from Charlevoix, onion chutney with cranberries and Labrador tea, marinated and cured goose breast with peppery green alder, homemade vegetable pickles, pork rillettes with sweet gale seeds *

25. / 2 pers.

Signature seafood platter : fritters with crab from Gaspésie, nordic shrimp and caraway seeds, salmon mousseline with fir tree and cerfuze served on toast, radishes marinated with seaweed, smoked herring, sour cream with toasted organic canola oil*

25. / 2 pers.

➤ Signature cheese platter : assortment of cheeses produced in Quebec (6 portions of 25g), boreal maple granola, onion chutney with cranberries and Labrador tea, croutons*

25. / 2 pers. 

Terrine of duck foie gras (50 g) from Le canard Goulu farm prepared with BeOrigin gin, chokeberry chutney with juniper berries and maple syrup **

19. / pers. 

* Hotel package : Extra 5./platter
** Hotel package : Extra 8./pers.
➤ Also available gluten free.