It changes everyday: to the rhythm of the seasons, the produce we receive daily and according to the ideas of our chefs.  Menu of the day available from monday to friday, from 11:30 to 14:00.  This menu may change without notice.

Soup of the day
Mixed green salad with dressing of the day

Rabbit rillettes with pine forest spikenard, seabuckthorn ketchup, smoked onion powder and croutons





Foie gras with blackcurrant, brioche bread and sunflower seed nougatine


Vegepaté with lentils, fresh cream, carrot salad, roasted goat cheese and croutons

Roasted duck breast with peppery green alder, cabbages with bacon, potatoes, glazed carrots and cranberry sauce
24./ +12 extra torchon foie gras

Seared salmon, potatoes, leek and celery roasted with garlic flower and hollandaise sauce

Beef flank steak, purée, vegetables, fries and cooking jus
20./ +12 extra torchon foie gras

Pasta with nordic shrimps, kale and sunflower seed pesto, butternut squash, fresh cream with salted herbs

Dessert of the day or crème brulée

Coffee or tea


Please note that the Mondays following Christmas, New year’s day and Easter,

we will be serving our signature brunch.