If you are willing to put aside your habits the time to enjoy a gourmet break, you will discover new flavours…



Signature meat platter : cured sausage with seasonings from our forests, mustard with blackcurrant, pork rillettes with marshpepper smartweed, pickles from foraging, venison gravlax with green alder*

30. / 2 pers.

Signature seafood platter : cod and gale seed fritters, sturgeon rillettes with caraway seeds from Gaspésie, fresh radishes, smoked herring from the Magdalen Islands, cold-water shrimps with herbs from the St. Lawrence River*

30. / 2 pers.

Signature cheese platter : assortment of Quebec cheeses (6 portions of 25 g), grissini bread, our friend Gilles’ honey*

30. / 2 pers. 

➤Terrine of duck foie gras (50 g) from Le Canard Goulu farm with Pure Legende, elderberry jelly, immature elderberries, brioche bread**

20. / pers. 

* Hotel package : Extra 8./platter
** Hotel package : Extra 8./pers.
➤ Also available gluten free.