If you are willing to put aside your habits the time to enjoy a gourmet break, you will discover new flavours…


Game meat is very rich in high quality proteins and has almost no saturated fats.


➤ Braised beef cheek, potato purée with onions in brown butter, confit oyster mushrooms, roasted brussel sprouts with lardon, veal cooking jus infused with balsam poplar*


Flat iron steak, roasted carrots, caramelized onions and fresh herbs sour cream, pont-neuf fries, maple and smoked blue honeysuckle sauce*


Roasted guinea fowl breast, mashed and fried potatoes with garlic flower, roasted green beans with camelina, 1608 cheese croquette and poultry cooking jus¹


Cut of game meat, scalloped potatoes with cep mushrooms,sautéed mushrooms roasted onions, reduction infused with fir tree

Market price.

Bistro’s blood pudding duo : my father and Marcel’s cabbage and leek blood sausage, the traditional black pudding with sweet fern, roasted apples, cauliflower purée, fried and marinated cauliflower


Extra pan seared foie gras 16.
Extra seared large scallop 9.
Extra blood pudding or cabbage and leek blood sausage 10./9.

1 : With the purchase of this dish, $1 will be donated to the Fondation Petits Bonheurs

* Hotel package : Extra 6.
➤ Also available gluten free.