If you are willing to put aside your habits the time to enjoy a gourmet break, you will discover new flavours…


Game meat is very rich in high quality proteins and has almost no saturated fats.


➤ Braised beef cheek with Labrador tea, potato purée with brown butter, roasted cabbage and oyster mushrooms, fresh herbs*


 Angus beef hanger steak, roasted beets, fermented garlic purée, pont-neuf fries, Elia blackcurrant balsamic vinegar with peppery green alder*


Roasted chicken breast, caramelized carrot purée with black spruce, braised onions, glazed carrots, cooking jus and crispy chicken skin with toasted barley¹


Chef’s plate to share: confit of lamb shoulder with camelina oil, sautéed fingerling potatoes and jerusalem artichokes with lardon, mustard and camelina milk, melted Perron cheddar aged 2 years

58. / 2pers.

 Bistro’s blood pudding duo: my father and Marcel’s cabbage and leek blood sausage, the traditional black pudding with boreal spices, celery root cooked in salt rub, roasted buckweat cream, roasted apples


Extra pan seared foie gras 16$
Extra seared large scallop 9$
Extra blood pudding or cabbage and leek blood sausage 8$

1 : With the purchase of this dish, $1 will be donated to the Fondation Mira

* Hotel package : Extra 6.
➤ Also available gluten free.