If you are willing to put aside your habits the time to enjoy a gourmet break, you will discover new flavours…



Signature meat platter : cured pork sausage, pork croquettes with maple glaze, blackcurrant ketchup, marinated and cured goose breast with peppery green alder, seasonal pickled vegetables, venison terrine with smoked mushrooms, mushroom mustard *

30. / 2 pers.

Signature seafood platter : smoked northern pike pâté, mayonnaise with black garlic from l’Île d’Orléans, smoked salmon, fir tree essence cream, radish, mussels with nettle pesto, clam fritters*

30. / 2 pers.

➤ Signature cheese platter : assortment of cheeses produced in Quebec (6 portions of 25g), maple boreal granola, onion and maple vinegar jam, croutons

25. / 2 pers. 

Duck foie gras (50 g) from the Le canard Goulu farm prepared with Michel Jodoin’s apple brandy, served as a terrine **

19. / pers. 

* Hotel package : Extra 6./pers.
** Hotel package : Extra 8./pers.
➤ Also available gluten free.