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Fish has an important place in nordic cuisine which uses either lean fish that are rich in proteins such as cod, or with a high content of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, trout or mackerel.


➤ Seared salmon in puff pastry, spinach, beurre blanc sauce with Ungava gin and juniper berries, watercress and sunflower seeds pesto²


Seared large scallops, herb crust, Parisian gnocchi made with seaweed from Gaspésie, leek, shellfish milk **


➤ Catch of the day, creamy wild rice with sunflower seeds, roasted green bean garnish with nordic shrimps **

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² Cuisine Patrimoniale du Quebec has certified this recipe. The ingredients used have been inspired by the period of time when British soldiers were stationed at the Citadelle of Quebec. The soldiers often went salmon fishing in the Jacques-Cartier River, where gin was often drunk to celebrate their catch. Spinach was in season when they went fishing in early June. In the 1840s puff pastry can be found in the recipes of the earliest Quebecois cookbooks.
** Hotel package : Extra 10.
➤ Also available gluten free.