Boreal pastry laboratory

The Comptoir boréal is a genuine laboratory with the goal to introduce to our clientele the variety of quality produce available in our region.

With more than a tens seats, our clients can comfortably enjoy the space and taste in one mouthful the unique concept and reputation of Chez Boulay.

While enjoying one of our savoury or sweet treats you can watch our pastry cooks hard at work preparing for the Comptoir and the Bistro.

But don’t come looking for chocolate éclairs and vanilla puff pastries! Here we use sea buckthorn, blue honeysuckle, a small berry the colour of a blueberry, peppery green alder, pine forest spikenard, and sweet clover which we use to replace vanilla.

Take-away with a northern flare

As of 7AM, clients can enjoy our coffees in the warmth of the boutique or take it to go. At lunch, no one will be able to resist the mushroom quiche with roasted mushrooms, mushroom pesto with sweetgale seeds and shallots. Or maybe you’ll choose our potato salad with bacon smoked with maple wood or a boreal sandwich or a freshly prepared panini. After work, drop in for a ready-made meal in sous vide packaging, allowing you to savour the talents of the Chez Boulay team at home.

The Comptoir Boréal will also have a boutique section where oils, spices and vinegars have been meticulously chosen by our team for you to cook with at home.

Now it is up to you to discover our new location, Chez Boulay-comptoir boréal. The produce from our region is the star of the show, helping us present a changing menu everyday full of innovation.

Keep an eye on what’s happening at Chez Boulay – comptoir boréal!